earning with hotels

You can earn miles while you are booking hotels, for yourself and even for other people.

On booking.com you can earn 1 mile for 1€ spend if you are using the link of the partner Lufthansa with miles-and-more.

If you have signed up for British Airways Executive Club, then you can earn regularly 4 miles per 1£ spent. Sometimes even more like now 6M/1£ .
BA booking.com link

some other partners for booking.com are
LATAM Pass (5M/1$)
Avios (4M/1£)
2 miles: Aegean MB, Avianca, TAP Victoria, Turkish MS, United MP
1 mile: Emirates, FlyingBlue

The best is, you can also book hotels for your family, friends, whoever, but you need to enter your loyalityID during the booking process.

Of course you can book other hotels through the BA shop with different miles per pound ratio.

There is also for example Rocketmiles where you can earn for many different programs, like BAEC, Alaska Airlines MP, United MileagePlus, Turkish Airlines MilesSmiles and many more.
Below are just few examples for 1 week in Toronto in march 2020.

Turkish MilesSmiles:

Alasaka Milege Plan:

United MileagePlus:

If you would like to earn more miles with Miles and More, then you can also book with their partner Points.com (Hotels&Cars by Points) where you get 1k miles per night.
Again same example as above.
The costs are per night, this below shows an extra 10k miles if you book your first hotel in october.

Until March 2020 you can earn extra miles with HotelsandCars for every 5th night.


  1. Hi, do you never use amextravel.com to book your stay? it seems like they double your points for each booking?
    In that case, what is the best miles/ euro ratio? to use amextravel or to use the miles&more link via booking?



    • Hi,

      The most of the time, I am booking hotels with points.com (Miles&More) as its comes often with at least 1000 miles per night and some bonus, booking.com with 6x avios per pound or directly with the hotel.
      If you collect for miles and more, then use the miles&more link.
      You could receive a bit more MR points if you spend on amextravel, but when you convert it to Miles&More you only will get the half miles as the ratio is 2:1.
      Please check the below link and scroll down to the chart:


  2. Hi there,

    As of May 18, 2022 and for the last week’s time, give or take, the BA booking.com-link referred to above seems to be broken. It may be that BA now wants you to log-in to access the booking.com-with-Avios but doing so gets you to the “generic” or general booking.com-site and not the one for Avios. Has anybody found a work-around?

    Thanks, Jacob

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