AMEX BE/LUX new referal bonus


American Express offers now a new referal bonuses for Belgium and Luxembourg costumers.

you will receive 12k Membership Rewards for AMEX Platinum -> link
6000 Membership Rewards for AMEX Gold -> link
3000 Membership Rewards for AMEX Green -> link

If you would like to signup up for Miles and More branded AMEX then you receive the following bonus miles
3000 Miles for AMEX Premium Brussels Airlines -> link
and 3000 Miles for AMEX Preferred Brussels Airlines -> link

Please do not forget that you will receive your normal signup bonuses as well!
6000 Miles for AMEX Premium
and 3000 Miles for AMEX Preferred

This means in TOTAL up to 9000 Miles which is great!

Please do not forget that you need to pay at least once in the first three months when you have received the card to qualify to earn this bonus!

AMEX is accepted in/on
Alima (grocery store),
Cactus (supermarket),
Carrefour (grocery store),

and some restaurants as well like Trattoria del arte and Taj Mahal
still working on the acceptance/information page within Lux.

If you wish like to have further details, you can write me an email to – amex {at} – or maybe a store that accepts AMEX.

updated on 12/05/2022 – decreased Miles for AMEX Premium


  1. Hello
    I would like to subscribe to Amex platinum with your link to have the 25k rewards but the link doesn’t work. I saw now the Amex platinum is 50% discount…
    can you check the link ?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    I have contacted AMEX and it seems to be fixed now.
    It says now, that the first 12 months costs 30€/month instead of 60€.

    All links have been updated.


  3. hey there, I guess for AMEX Premium Brussels Airlines the referal bonus is 5k and not 20k, unless something is wrong?

    • Hi,
      Sorry, but AMEX has decreased the referral bonus few days ago from 20k to 5k.

      Just updated this post.


  4. Hi,

    Is the Amex platinum still at 30EUR/month during the first year? It’s written nowhere on Amex’s website, except on the welcome page.

    • Hi abc,

      It looks like that AMEX changed it, so only 60€/month, but at least with 60k Membership Rewards.
      The offer with 50% off the first year seems to be discontinued.
      I am not sure if they bring this offer back this year.


  5. Hello,
    it seems that the Platinum bonus offer has expired. Is it worth waiting for a new promo before signing up for the AMEX platinum? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      It depends, sometimes its worth to sign up up for gold and upgrade it to platinum.
      Last year there was a deal with 40k or 50k to gold and also offers to upgrade to platinum for 75k as right now.< But you need to hold the card at least 6 month, sometimes 1 year before upgrade/downgrade.

      • Thank you.
        Did the referral offer (30K) for platinum actually expire or is it a problem with the link?

        • There seems to be an issue with the ref links by AMEX.
          Will contact them tomorrow.
          I think that they had every year issues with the links…

          • Hi,

            I am sorry to tell, but all offers ended 31st december, except for plat upgrade. AMEX will publish new offers very soon. I think around end of january.


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