Wow! Get 75.000 Membership Rewards for upgrading your AMEX card to Platinum

American Express has just launched a new promotion.
You will get 75.000 Membership Rewards points when you upgrade your current AMEX card, Blue, Green or Gold to Platinum.
These are the conditions:
– you need to hold one of the three cards already at least 6 months
– you did not ask for an upgrade the last 6 months
– you need to apply before 29th February 2024
– you need to spend at least 5000 € until 31st May 2024

Points will be transferred in July 2024.


This promotion is insane to get 75.000 Membership points. You can access it with this link
You need to pay the full price, this means 65€ per month.

Somebody will sign up and take the advantages to travel for this year?

Do not forget that you can have 1 additional partner platinum card where you can subscribe for priority pass!
Also you can signup up to 4 Green additional cards for your family which are free of charge.

And of course other benefits.


  1. I’m planning to upgrade! Do you know if it is a minimum time for doing a downgrade later? Wondering if I’ll take advantage of all benefits, if not I would go back to the Gold.

    • Hi,

      The best way is to keep the upgraded card for 13 months, later you can ask for the downgrade.
      In theory after 7 months, the downgrade should pass, but then the question is if they take back your MR for being upgraded.

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