Miles&More and Payback monthly promo categories – April 2023

There are exactly the sames categories for the promo to maximize your reward miles when shopping online as last month.
You can earn 3x miles per 1€ spend on these different categories:

  • Baby supplies
  • Clothing, jewellery, shoes & accessories
  • Electronics & computer
  • Watches & handmade
amazon offers

The other 3 options are still available:

  • you can earn additionally up to 2x miles per 1€ if you spend 500€ on all purchases over a month
  • you can earn up to 3x miles per 1€ on Amazon products like Echo, Alexa, Kindle, FireTV, etc
  • you can earn 2000 miles to sign up on if you don’t have an account yet
  • you can earn 500 miles for Amazon Music Unlimited subsription

As usual, it very important that you use this link, enter your service card number and accept the cookies!
It’s not working with the direct link or app purchases!
Of course the name of the account should be the same as on the service card number.
Placeholder mile is being added 2 days after the items have been sent, fully credited after 6 weeks.

Payback vouchers for Amazon.DE up to 15x valid until 09.04.2023

payback promo vouchers

It looks like that these vouchers will be renewed two times per month, this means, you can buy 3 items per each cathegory.

I need to check, but last month it was something like that.

Following categories for 10x:

  • Gardening

Following categories for 8x:

  • Sport and leisure

Following categories for 7x:

  • Luxury beauty

Following categories for 6x:

  • Beauty and body care
  • Cars and motorbike
  • Home improvement store

Following categories for 5x:

  • Amazon products
  • Computer and parts

Following categories for 4x:

  • Baby
  • Camera and products

Following categories for 3x:

  • Videogames

In general for all purchases payback gives back 1 point per 2€ that has been made via the app

This means you need to check which categorie gets 3x or 2,5x points and chose the correct way/link and for all regular purchases which are not in the promo categories, you need to use the payback app to get to the app.

Example: Jewellery and shoes gets 7,5 miles per 1€ on payback, so your first item in this cathegories should be bought via payback with the activated vouchers.

The best way to pay on Amazon is with American Express, either with the AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium, where you get 1,5 miles per 1€ (actual promo for signing up is 7000 miles) or the AMEX Brussels Airlines Preferred, where you get 1,25 miles per 1€ (actual promo for signing up is 7000 miles) or the AMEX Platinum where you get 1 MR per 1€ and 15,000MR for signing up or the AMEX Gold where you get 1 MR per 1€ and 10,000 MR for signing up.
This post shows where American Express is accepted in Luxembourg.


  1. Hi,
    I have a physical Payback card, but how can I get the Payback app on iPhone if I don’t live in Germany?

    • Good question.
      What about website of
      You can also enable the vouchers there.

      I use android and in the past, I could download the apk.

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