Mileage Bargain March 2023

Again some new mileage bargains were published this month.

Lets start with Luxair

For this month, there are exactly the same mileage bargains (Meilenschnäppchen) from Luxembourg with Luxair as the previous month.

  • Barcelona (98€)
  • Belgrade (Eco 106€!)
  • Berlin (Eco 71€, it was 42€)
  • Budapest (Eco 113€, it was 44€)
  • Dublin (Eco 92€)
  • Krakow (Eco 92€ / Business 132€)
  • Lisbon (Eco 100€)
  • Madrid (ECo 99€)
  • Milan (Eco 65€, it was 35€)
  • Montpellier (Eco 64€, it was 34€)
  • Munich (Eco 86€, it was 55€)
  • Oslo (Eco 99€)1
  • Prague (Eco 68€, it was 37€)
  • Porto (Eco 96€)1
  • Stockholm (Eco 102€, it was 31€)
  • Venice (Eco 63€, it was 33€)

All connections with Economy (15 000 miles) or Business (25 000 miles). As you can see, the fees have been increased.

Luxair mileage bargains

Lets see the mileage bargains for long-haul flights with Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels, Swiss, LOT and Eurowings Discover.
Lufthansa and Swiss flights can be booked from different departure airports across Europe.
Austrian, Brussels, LOT and Eurowings Discover should start in their origin country.

Business class70,000

  • Bogota

Business class60,000

  • Mexico City

Business class55,000

  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles (LOT)
  • New York (Austrian)
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

Business class40,000

  • Arbil
  • Tel Aviv
  • Freetown (Brussels)
  • Monrovia (Brussels)
long-haul business class mileage bargains

Lets continue with Premium Economy flights:

Premium Economy – 55,000

  • Bogota

Premium Economy – 40,000

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago (Austrian)
  • Los Angeles (LOT)
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

Premium Economy – 30,000

  • Freetown (Brussels)
  • Monrovia (Brussels)
long-haul premium economy mileage bargains

The booking period for the various airlines is the whole of March.
The travel period varies, please find below!

LOT: 01.04.2023 until 31.05.2023
Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels and Swiss: 15.06.2023 until 31.07.2023
Luxair: 15.04.2023 until 31.05.2023

Enjoy booking!


  1. Hello

    I have tried to redeem some tickets for mileage bargain deals, however I can never find a suitable ticket for the periods they claim it will be available. The rare dates I find a mileage bargain ticket (like 1 or 2 days out of the whole 45 day period), I need to pay a huge airline fee. I am beginning to think this is all a scam…. Do you have so tips?

    • Hi,
      Where do you want to fly and with which company?
      If you could provide me further information, then I could have a look.
      Indeed business class long distance flights are rare, but sometimes you can find it.
      Also the airlines put only few tickets for award miles and maybe even lower for mileage bargains…

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