Google Wallet/Pay is now available in Luxembourg

Finally, Google Wallet, formerly known as Google Pay is now available in Luxembourg.

This means, we can use our Android mobile devices to pay with.

OK, for know only so called “Neo-banks” has enabled this feature and not yet luxemburgish banks as well American Express.

So please, contact your bank/AMEX to enable this feature asap with their respective cards.

If you hold already a standard VISA, Mastercard or Diners Club card you could use CURVE. Curve is a proxy card and it can be used with Google Wallet, but your normal card will be charged.

If you would like to use Curve, please use think link for signing up. Its totally free, only the delivery of the card will be charged and you can link 2 cards, eg BCEE Luxair Miles&More VISA Platinum card to get miles while paying with Google Wallet. There are other plans starting from 4,99€ up to 14,99€/month. You need to decide if you are willing to pay for this or not, but for regular cases the free plan should be enough.

You can also use curve to get “a copy” of your BCEE Luxair VISA card, so you and your partner could pay at the same time in different location. Usually there is no option to add a second card for this, but you need to pay in full a seconde luxair visa card.

The below list shows banks which are actually supporting Google Wallet:

I could also use my Revolut and Monese card:

N26 could be working as well.

update: 21/01/2023

new supported banks:

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