New AMEX Gold metal and new benefits

American Express has launched the Gold card now in metal!


and with following new benefits:

Well, some other points have changed to negativ:

  • fee has increased to 20€ per month, it was 16,50€
  • no more first 3 months off, now you need directly pay the full amount of the yearly/monthly fee
  • only 4 green cards for partners, before it was 4 gold cards

You can still get the card with 20,000 Membership Rewards points while signing up with this referral link


  1. I was looking forward to get the Amex gold next year for myself and my family (4 gold cards total) but this new offer is not so great. Good for one person, worse if you planned to get additional cards.

    • Hi,

      well also for Platinum, you get only 1 additional Platinum and 4 Green cards…

      Depends, what you need for, but they are still free the 4 Green cards and you get now new benefits with it.

  2. Hi! I agree. But I remember back in a day (in 2016?) Platinum would give you another Platinum for your partner and 4 additional gold cards (not green). Until November, Gold card was the only plan with 4 gold cards included for a reasonable price and nice benefits. Now benefits increased, but only for the main owner as other cards are only green.

    Anyway – cool website! I’ve put it in my favorites. Will be checking from time to time, especially for Amex news 🙂

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