1. Do I get it right – can I spend 300€ per year with the main card, and my partner can also spend another 300€ with her card?

    • Hi,

      not 100% sure.
      I think that I would need to call them to clarify.

      conditions 2nd point:
      Cet avantage s’applique aux dépenses effectuées avec la Carte principale inscrite à
      l’offre, ainsi qu’à toute Carte supplémentaire liée à la même Carte principale.

      that the partner cards are just eligable to spend with their cards, but the total amount rest up to 150€ in Be/Lux and 150€ abroad

  2. Hi Admin,
    Any idea if I should wait for a similar offer to the 50% off the first year similar to what they had last summer or should I just stick with this new 60K of miles?

    • Hi Abel,

      Usually the “normal” offer should be back in late August, with 50% off and 30K Membership Rewards.

      For the moment 60K is the highest bonus so far, except the upgrade offer for 75k point which was offered this January until April.

      It depends on you what is for you most imporant, 50% off or to have 60K points.

      For me personally points have more value than 50% off, but you could have other opinion.

      best regards,

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