What a year 2021!

There we go, 2021 and 2022 has already started;)

WOW, I have collected over 190 000 miles during 2021! I had 2 vacation and several weekend trips.
Let us recapitulate:
1) Credit cards (Mastercard Luxair/AMEX Premium/AMEX Blue) 110.000
2) Hotels (booking.com/points.com) 26.800 Miles and 4700 avios
3) Flights (15 flights) 14.000
4) Payback points 21.000
5) Amazon.DE 900 // 1100 still outstanding
6) Extras 5100
7) Car rentals (national) 0
8) Aegean miles 6000 (promotion)

What I have been able to achieve is to pay for almost everything with AMEX, optimise hotel bookings and purchases with Payback.

This year I have visited 4 new airports. Berlin (Brandeburg), Valencia, Venice and Vienna.

I could requalifed for FTL and even qualified for Senator. With this status I have asked for a status match for Cosmile, Air Baltic and ITA Airways

Lets hope that we can travel even more in 2022!

The next step for 2022 has already been taken, to get the AMEX Platinum to get the extra 75.000 Membership rewards 😉

Lounge in Valencia
Lounge in Zurich

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