Miles&More give extra status miles for CO2 compensation

Miles and More has also launched a new promotion to offset your carbon footprint from your flights from 2021.
Per one leg you will receive 2000 status miles
You can offset more flights, but you will receive maximum 10.000 status miles. This means 5 flights per 2000 miles.
Only via the miles&more app
Valid on all flights in 2021
You have time from now on until 06.03.2022
Don’t waste time! 😉

The status miles will be credited in March.

The minimum price per flight can vary, starting from +- 0,70€.
In my case it was 1,7€, but hey 10€ for 10.000 status miles is a no-brainer!

If you cannot see any flights from 2021 in your app, then do the following:
– visit com web page
– click on sign up
– click on Miles&More button in the middle of the page where is shown “sign up with”
– click on “OK, continue with Miles&More”
– login with service card number
– enter details and sign up
– chose details from miles&more
– wait for the activation email
– click the link from the activation email
– then you should see there at least 1 flight from 2021
– compensate 1 flight with the minimum amount that you accept. (In my case, I chose a value from 2€ per flight for 10 years)
– you need to enter the payment details and purchase
– after a while, please close the Miles&More app on your phone
– start Miles&More app
– click on “my Challenge”
– you should see now a new icon for flights (2021) and click on it
– click on offset flights
– chose now 5 new flights to offset

The first flight offset thru the compensaid web page may not count to receive extra miles, so you need to offset 5 flights in your app.

This offer is good for people to reach their level easier and also good for Lufthansa to generate quick cash with the people who flew the last difficult year. In this way Lufthansa could become a little greener.

official link from Miles&More

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