Wow! Get 75.000 Membership Rewards for upgrading your AMEX card to Platinum

American Express has just launched a new promotion.
You will get 75.000 Membership Rewards points when you upgrade your current AMEX card, Blue, Green or Gold to Platinum.
These are the conditions:
– you need to hold one of the three cards already at least 6 months
– you did not ask for an upgrade the last 6 months
– you need to apply before 28th February 2022
– you need to spend at least 3000 € until 31st May 2022

Points will be transferred in July 2022.

amex webpage for uprgade

This promotion is insane to get 75.000 Membership points. You can access it with this link
You need to pay the full price, this means 60€ per month instead when you signup regularly or with a referral, where you get 50% off. In this case you would “only” earn 30.000 Membership rewards, which is also a good deal!

Somebody will sign up and take the advantages to travel for this year?

Do not forget that you can have 1 additional partner platinum card where you can subscribe for priority pass!
Also you can signup up to 4 Green additional cards for your family which are free of charge.


  1. Hi,
    If I switch from the Brussels Airline Preferred to this one I would lose the M&M mileage non-expiration advantage

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Claude,

    Its not possible to Upgrade from AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium or Preferred.
    Only from Blue/Green/Gold to Platinum to get 75 000 Membership Rewards.

    You can get Gold or Platinum beside of your Preferred card and take advantage of 20 000 Membership Rewards for Gold or 30 000 MR for Platinum when being referred.

    You can also sign up for Premium to get 20 000 Miles when being referred and later drop the Preferred.

    Kind regards,

  3. Admin, thanks for spending your time on this wonderful portal which is so rare in Luxembourg Credit Card scene.

    I have a question, I am a Lux resident, can you please suggest if I can get German version of Amex Plat, as its benefits are better than Belux version of plat card.

    • Hi Sumeet,

      Thanks for your compliment 😉

      As a resident of Lux, you cannot register for the German AMEX.
      I am sorry

      You can sign up for the German Miles and More cc when you are a German citizen.

      On the other hand, you can sign up for AMEX FR if you are a resident of Luxembourg.
      You have to call them, then you should receive a registration form by mail.
      The only advantage is the lower fee and 4 Gold cards as support instead of 4 Green cards as in LUX.

      Kind regards,

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