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Update 05/11/2023 SAS Eurobonus Match and Asante Kenya Airways
15/01/2022 AirBaltic has extended their status match
17/12/2021 added new offer for Miles&More
01/12/2021 – Status matches for AirBaltic and Starlux have been discontinued.
For ITA Volare it has been extented until 21/12/2021

A status match is, when you have reached a status for hotel or an airline program and another program matches the A status match is when you have achieved status for a hotel or airline programme and another programme matches the status/tier you already have. This means you don’t have to fly or have stays for the new programme, but the match gives you a level directly.

In this post I will write about the current status matches of the airlines. For more information, please click on the links!

  • Lufthansa MilesMore offers a status match for only members of Alitalia MilleMiglia until 31st March 2022
    You need to do an application through this website.
Miles&More promo status match website for Alitalia MilleMiglia members
  • Act quickly for the status match with Starlux as its only open until 31st October 2021!

This airline is based in Taiwan and matches status from a lot of programs

Starlux – Cosmile
  • another match is to the new airlines program of ITA Volare, the “fromer” Alitalia” – They have joined SkyTeam

This status match can be requested until 30th November 2021 // extended until 31/12/2021 (ended as well)

ITA airlines – Volare

Another European Airlines matches status, there is no deadline for this match

  • SAS Eurobonus

You need to send an email to with your SAS Eurobonus number and your actual status and image of the card, current matches are from Miles&More, Flying Blue and Finnair. You can ask for status and lugguage tags within the settings page. (ended as well)

SAS Eurobonus
  • Asante Kenya Airways

You need to send an email to with your SAS Eurobonus number and your actual status (ended as well)

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