Amazon new partner of Miles&More – collect miles while shopping is one of the latest partner of Miles&More and you can earn award miles while shopping.

How it is working:

  • you can earn up to 3 miles per 1€ spend on different categories which are changing every month. For this October, you can earn on video games, consoles and electronics/PC hardware.
  • you can earn up to 2 miles per 1€ if you spend 500€ on all purchases over a month. For me it is not clear if this is a promo for the new collaboration or returning every month.
  • you can earn up to 3 miles per 1€ on Amazon products like Echo, Alexa, Kindle, FireTV, etc
  • you can earn 2000 miles to sign up on if you don’t have an account yet

The special thing is, that you need open a special page, this link, put in your Miles&More account number and click on continue to amazon webpage. You need to accept the cookie!
And its only working with this link, not from the app.

If you pay with your credit card which can earn as well miles or Membership rewards, then you are maximising the return, eg AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium (1,5mile/1€) or AMEX (1MR/1€) or Visa BCEE Luxair (0,5mile/1€).

miles-and-more landing page on

Well, I have tested this and receive after few days 1 mile on my account, which is a place holder and the original miles will be credited after 6 weeks.

amazon award miles showing up

It seems to be that this award earning with Amazon is also working for people who are living in Luxembourg and as well the other online shops from the shopping portal.

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