How to book higher class flights with Swiss and Austrian Airlines

In the other post, I have shown, how to book higher class tickets from Lufthansa. In this post, I will show you how you can do this as well on Austrian Airlines and Swiss website.

Basically, Austrian Airlines website is almost identical with Lufthansa, so there is almost no change. But the price still could vary a bit. Happens sometimes.
You can use a code “LGBUYFLEX” on Lufthansa and Austrian to only shows flex tickets. These are in general higher class tickets.

Austrian general search view for business flights

It will show discounted Business class fares and booking class P

check the fare on clicking “show booking classes”

Austrian webpage is build almost the same as Lufthansa’s, so you need to click on “Multi-stop / Open jaw flights”

now, back to flights

On this page, you can select Business class and “I would like to book the highest booking class” and click on search

Now the price for the flights should be higher and you can check the booking class, on clicking on it

Now, the fare should be shown as Flex

the same you can do directly within adding the code of “LGBUYFLEX” on the main search site.

How to book on Swiss is a bit different, as per default it shows booking class P or D saver tickets if you chose to show “Lufthansa Groups” flights.

You go to the normal webpage of Swiss, enter the destination and click on Multi-city flights:

Select the correct dates, change the class to business or premium economy and for the airlines “Lufthansa Group” must be selected. Run now search.

If you are using the app, you don’t have this option. You need to search first for flights and click on the back button.

In this new overview, you can select the flights you want and scroll down…

to click on the calculate button

Directly after, it should show a price or it will fail, so you need to select new flights

If the price is an accaptable range, then you can click on continue to verify the booking classes of the selected flights.
You will find this on the right top of the page, the exact amount of the price and click on “show details”:

A new information screen will show the details of each flight, booking class and fare.

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