New AMEX increased referral bonus

AMEX Belgium / Luxembourg has increased their referral bonuses for almost all their cards!
Please find below new information:

American Express Brussels Airlines Premium
increased from 10 000 to 20 000 miles (Miles&More)
update: increased from 1000 miles to 3000 miles from 16/07/2023
+ 6000 Welcome miles
(+ 10 000 miles when spending 20 000€ per year)
new condition: spend 1500€ within the first 3 months!
1st year fee: 112,5€ / 2nd year fee: 150€
1,5 mile per 1€
Miles&More miles never expiring

American Express Platinum
increased from 12 000 to 48 000 Membership Rewards
update: recently increased until 30/04/2024
new condition: spend 4000€ within the first 3 months!
yearly fee: 780€
1 MR per 1€
+ partner Platinum card for free
+ Free Lounge access with Priority Pass (as well for the parner card)
+ Gold status with some Hotel chains
+ new benefit: 300€ refund on restaurants per year (150€ in Luxembourg/Belgium and 150€ abroad)
+ Fast Lane access @ Brussels Airport
+ Eurostar lounge access
+ a lot of insurances

American Express Gold
increased from 12 000 to 24 000 Membership Rewards
update: recently increased until 30/04/2024
new condition: spend 2500€ within the first 3 months!
yearly fee: 240€
1 MR per 1€
and up to 4 Green cards to family/partner for free
+ yearly 100€ dining benefit in some selected restaurants in Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands (2x 50€)
+ yearly 4 lounge access with Priority Pass
+ newest benefit: Amazon Prime Belgium fee waived (up to 36€)
+ insurances

American Express Green
increased from 1000 to 3000 Membership Rewards
update: recently increased
new condition: spend 1500€ within the first 3 month!
1st year fee: 65€ / with MR: 83,5€
1 MR per 1€
+ some insurances

American Express Brussels Airlines Preferred
increased from 1000 to 3000 miles from referal
update: recently increased
+ 3000 welcome miles
(+ 5 000 miles when spending 10 000€ per year)
condition: spend 1500€ within the first 3 months!
1st year fee: 90€ / 2nd year fee: 120€
1,25 mile per 1€
Miles&More miles never expiring
same insurances as the Premium card

Please ensure that you have used one of the links above

you can find further information which credit credit suits you the best in this post and this post where AMEX cards are accepted in Luxembourg

* other conditions could apply

Platinum and Gold temporary increased

Platinum and Gold temporary increased

Platinum and Gold temporary increased

all cards new referral amount and conditions!

Platinum and Gold increased points for referral


  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to have a BCEE Miles&More credit card and an Amex on the same Miles&More (Lufthansa) membership ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Claude,

      It is possible. I have both BCEE MM Visa Luxair and AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium.
      They are running on the same Miles&More Account and same bank account.


  2. Hello, I already have a BCEE M&M Luxair Visa Platinum card and after reading a bunch of posts I understand that you recommend to also get the AMEX BELUX and use this one as primary for shopping and keep the BCEE as backup for places where AMEX is not accepted & when you book Luxair flights only. Is this accurate? If yes, what AMEX do you recommend for start for maximum price/benefits ratio? I’m thinking between premium and platinum but both have pros and cons. My thinking is to start with Premium and the upgrade later in case a similar promo will repeat again in the future. Or would you say that Platinum should be from very beginning? I’m a bit confused. Thanks for help and I really appreciate all you do here! P.S: I’m travelling at least once a month with KLM or Lufthansa.

  3. Hi Alexandru,

    AMEX indeed has a better miles/euro ratio.
    Before I can give a proper answer, I have a few questions:
    Is your main airline programme Miles&More and do you have a status?
    Are you already flying business class on these monthly flights?
    If you want to benefit from the lounge access in Luxembourg and the inbound flights, then AMEX Platinum would make sense.
    With 1 trip per month, 24 lounge visits are possible, then the cost would be €25 each visit , so expanses for 600€ (more with additional stops and more frequent flights).
    You can also have a Platinum card for your partner who can also benefit from lounge access if you travel privately.
    AND you are not limited to one airline programme
    You can transfer MR points to FlyingBlue (KLM/AirFrance), British Airways, Miles&More and so on….
    Of course, you also have Gold status with various hotel programmes, which are very useful when travelling.

    On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to visit lounges or already fly business and have status
    then there is no real need for the Amex Platinum and you can get the AMEX Premium.

    You can upgrade blue/green/gold to platinum
    but you cannot upgrade from Premium to Platinum
    You can either hold both or cancel one.
    These have differen programs behind

    Kind regards

  4. Hi admin, thanks for your answer!

    I have the most basic status on both Flyingblue and M&M. My company is paying for economic class only so I would like to get a credit card which can help me gain miles so I can upgrade my ticket from time to time and also get access to the business lounges.

    Based on your answer I think platinum makes more sense so I’m gonna use your referral link to order it.


  5. Hey there,
    Do get the referral bonus, do you think I can cancel my current Amex Plat and re-apply?

    • Hi Richeek,

      Sorry, but this will not work.
      in Terms and Conditions is stated that users should not have hold an amex card for the last 12 months.


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