Activate turbo for your AMEX!

Not sure if everyone knows, but there is an option to earn even more points with your AMEX!
This applies to all AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points – Platinum, Gold, Green and Blue.

This turbo option costs only 9€ per year, but it DOUBLES the points per euro. Instead of 1 MR per 1€ you get 2 MR per 1€ and that’s fantastic!

Especially when you see that this year BCEE has cut the points account by half to only 1 MM per 2€!

This now means that almost the cheapest card, the AMEX Blue, earns almost the most points.
The blue card costs 35€ per year.
You have to activate Membership Rewards (18,5€/year) when you sign up and Turbo (9€) on the phone.
So the total cost is 62,5€ per year!

If you sign up using the referral link from this website, you will earn an additional 2000 points.

in General:

You can use the referral links in the menu for the other cards to receive the referral bonus.

Don’t forget, you can also apply for an additional card for your partner or family.
This also accumulates points with Turbo to the main MR account, which is yours!

You can also convert your MR to Miles and More.
The ratio is not the best at 2MR:1MM, but it is still reasonable.
Of course, there are many other programs.

Don’t forget this information page where you can pay with AMEX.
You can even pay your cell phone bills with AMEX!

Well, it looks like that the Turbo option is not valid anymore…
Nobody can sign up for this, only if have already enablied in the past, then it’s still active.
Let’s hope that AMEX will bring back this option in the future!

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