How to book higher class flights with Lufthansa

In the other post I wrote how you can get FTL or SEN in 2021, but it could be done with some higher class bookings.
In this post I will show you how to find these bookings with Lufthansa.

Lufthansa, on the website or in the app.
On the website it is a bit more complicated.
You first have to add a destination and click on “multi-city flights”.

some kind of new web page loads and then click on Flights, unless you want to stay on Multi-City.

Scroll down a little, choose Economy or Business Class.
Scroll a little further and then you will see “Which fare type would you prefer” and select this option “I would like to book the highest available booking class“.
now you can do the search for flights

You will see some flights.
Always check the price, connection time and booking class to choose the one that suits you best!
Example for economy class long haul:

Example for economy class short haul:
You see that economy and business class are indeed on the highest classes and business is expensive as well (+- 500€/booking class C).

But if you search only for business class flights, you will find also in the D class which is cheaper than the C (+- 380€) and no difference in the miles!

It is also important to check the connection points!
In this example we see that Munich is cheaper than flying via Frankfurt.

You can also click on “show more flights”

maybe you will find flights with 2 connection points.
If all the 4 cities are in different countries, then you can earn up to 7500 miles, with return 12500 miles
for 2021 in total 25.000 status miles!
I could not find a booking with 2 connection points for the return flight, this is only allowed once, either for the outbound or the return flight.

I hope this guide will help you find bookings and reach your goals and, of course, maximise your miles.

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