how to reach FTL/SEN in 2021

1) If you are new to Miles&More and starting from scratch, let me explain how to achieve FTL.
There are two options, 30 legs or 35,000 status miles.
You can achieve 30 Legs with 15 return flights or with 8 return flights via a connecting point.
For example Luxembourg – Munich – Amsterdam, with a return flight it would be 4 flights = legs. This is called Silver Promotion and valable with Miles&More Group airlines, not only in 2021, but in general.
In 2021, all members will receive double status miles, so you would “only” need 17500 miles.

You could do this with business flights to Asia or America or 2 business flights within Europe.

2) If you want to go further and try to reach Senator (100,000 status miles) or extend your FTL, then sign up for a BCEE Luxair VISA Miles&More or American Express Premium/Preferred Brussels Airlines credit card.
These will earn you 5000 status miles and if you spend €12500 with them, you will earn 25,000 status miles.
2 status miles per 1EUR spent!

3) to extend your FTL, you would only need 5000 miles, so only 2000 miles.
A booking of 4 flights in the cheapest Business Class, should be sufficient, or in the higher Economy Class.
LUX-MUC-MXP Lufthansa, Business class P 450€ => 3752 => 7504 status miles
LUX-MUC-MXP Lufthansa, Economy class W 350€ => 2500 => 5000 status miles

4) Continue to SEN when you have reached FTL for the first time in 2021.
This brings you to 35,000 + 30,000 = 65,000 status miles, so you are still 35,000 miles short. (Theoretically 14,000 miles)
As an FTL you now also receive Executive Bonus Miles, which is normally 1/4 of the miles flown.
For European flights there are fixed values.
Of course, you can again book some Business flights to Asia, Africa or America, but there is also another option for intra-European flights
in Business Class. The booking class could be D.
Example: LUX-FRA-AMS in D bring you 2000 miles per leg + 500 miles Executiv Bonus => 10.000 status miles and with 2021 bonus
in total 20.000 status miles! The price of these bookings could vary from 600 up to 1000€.

5) from FTL to SEN
30.000 miles from CC, sou you would need 70.000 status miles
The easist would be business or first partner sales or in general higher class business class flights.
or another option:
LUX-Z-FRA-Z-MLE-C-ZRH-C-LUX +- 2200€ 47.092 status miles
LUX-D-FRA-D-VIE-D-ATH-D-MUC-D-LUX +- 930€ 25.000 status miles

from 0 to FTL -> 30 flights or 17.500 status miles which are doubled to 35.000 miles
extend FTL -> sames as above or with CC (30.000 miles) -> only need 2000 miles which are doubled to 5000 status miles + Exec Bonus
extend/reach SEN -> CC (30.000miles) -> only need 28.000 miles which are doubled to 70.000 status miles + Exec Bonus

This only applies in 2021 and from 01.01. backwards and Miles&More airlines!
Luxair, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, LOT, Eurowings, Edelweiss, Croatia Airlines, Air Dolomiti

Please let me know if you are interested in some routings starting from Luxembourg.


  1. I would like to do a tier run this year 2022 for M&M.
    They are now with only 1,5x.
    Any tips on where is the best route?

    • Hi Renan,

      In general I would says the best way to earn is to buy high class tickets.
      eg in business class D, C and J, as it earns a lot of miles

      if you don´t have enough time to travel around the world, then you maybe can book weekend trips around Europe
      eg: LUX-FRA-MUC-BCN/VCE/VLC-MUC-FRA-LUX are 6 segments as FTL you could earn around 13750 status miles and with the promotion 20625 miles
      you would need 5 trips like these in total to reach Senator
      the price is around 700-880€ per trip

      the easiest way is of course flying in first class to EZE (Buenos Aires)
      LUX-MUC-FRA-EZE-FRA-MUC you would earn 55154 status miles – with the promotion 82731
      but thats very expensive
      LUX-FRA-MUC-SFO-MUC-FRA-LUX would earn 34334 status miles – with the promotion 51501

      last year it was really easy to get Senator status, this year there were also some promotions but not as good as last year
      did you already reached FTL or how many miles youa re missing to reach Senator?

      What about other programs to reach star alliance gold?
      easiest way is Aegean, where you can get silver with 1 trip and gold with the 2nd trip (really hard to book it) or again 2 trips to get gold.
      The threshold has been decreased until may 2023.

      There also exist SAS Eurobonus and Turkish Miles and Smiles.

      I will create a post next week about these programs.


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