What a year 2020!

So, 2020 is over. Finally!
I hope you, your family and friends are well!

2020 changed our life, our habits and our travel behaviour.

Uneblievable, I have still collected over 166 000 miles during 2020! I had only one vacation for 2 weeks and 4 flights, the rest was on the ground.
Let us recapitulate:
1) Credit card (Mastercard Luxair/AMEX Premium/AMEX Blue) 105.000
2) hotels (booking.com/points.com) 34.000
3) flights (4 flights) 500
4) payback points 20.000
5) car rentals (national) 2.200
6) extras 4500

What I have been able to achieve is to pay for almost everything with AMEX, optimise hotel bookings and purchases with Payback.

Lets hope that we can travel more in 2021!

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