new BCEE Visa Platinum Miles&More new changes

BCEE has updated their webpage regardinbg the new Visa Platinum Miles&More credit card.
Well, there are good news and a big bad one.

So, the bad one is that BCEE/Visa cutted the miles you earn by 50%!
Now, you will only earn 1 mile for 2€ spend. Until now, you could earn 1 mile for every 1€ you spend.
Wow… and this is really huge one, imagine you spend 5000€/year and now you receive only 2500 miles instead of 5000 miles.

A quick summery about the new advantages:
– 3 Lounge vouchers per year (Luxair and Luxaitours flights, not sharable)
– 2 Fast Lane access per year (Luxair and Luxaitours flights, not sharable)
– rental car accident waiver of deductible (up to 5000€/case)

I almost can’t use these advantages because I’m travelling with my partner, who doesn’t have this card…
//Update: people on the same booking could use this voucher too.

I need to think about if I will continue with this card in 2021 or 2022.
The future will show.

Anyway, for the moment AMEX Brussels Airlines Premium seems to be better as you earn 3 miles per 2€ spend and a yearly bonus of 10000 miles if you spend 20000€/year. And of course other bonuses and referals.

So what do you think about this changes?

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