How to generate miles with AMEX where AMEX is not accepted

No AMEX – No Problem!

First of all, this post only shows the possibility how to generate miles from your American Express while paying with a Visa/Mastercard and please do not exaggerate it as this could lead to your AMEX cards being blocked. If my AMEX card is not accepted, then I usually use my Mastercard Gold Luxair MM.

  • First you need of course one American Express card
  • get a Skrill account and get a free virtual Mastercard
  • top up your skrill account with your AMEX
  • get a Revolut or Monese account/app and top up with your skrill virtual Mastercard
  • now you can pay with Revolut and Monese and even transfer money to another bank account.

This way you can earn some extra miles/MR when AMEX is not accepted.

Further you can also get a Curve card, which is a proxy card, and link your Revolut or any other Master/Visacard.
This Curve Mastercard looks nice and it works as well with Google Pay!

Of course you can pay online with your Skrill Mastercard directly, there is no need to top up different cards.

Thanks to @Ancel from for his tutorial!

this is not valid anymore – 24/08/2021
Skrill does not accept American Express cards anymore


  1. Is this Skrill method still possible? What are the fees charged by Skrill? Does it make a difference in which country or language you activate the Skrill account? (the fees I see in this post are different)

    • Nevermind, I see that on the end of the post that Skrill has deactivated this method. Are there any alternatives?

      • Hi Jan,

        There is no really an alternative solution.
        What you could use, for example if you know a company or landlord to ask them to pay via stripe, as stripe accept AMEX payments and its free to use.

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