Mileage Bargain August and Luxair


So there are still no Luxair Mileage Bargain for now 4 months and also in general business class bargains are very low.

There is a new, nice mileage bargain that I found interesting, from Budapest to Seoul – Incheon.
70 000 miles and 105 Euros for tax fees which is fair.
Please find below details:

For Luxair, they have added their new destinations in to the system.
For example you can fligh Luxemburg to Budapest, Marseille and Montpellier and the tax fee is fair around 30 until 38 Euros.
I still only recommend booking with miles only for last minute flights when the price has reached almost 400€.
LUX – BUD – 35 000 miles and 38€
LUX – MRS – 35 000 miles and 30€
LUX – MPL – 35 000 miles and 30€

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