Coronavirus – COVID-19

Hi there,

Yes, people are on hold.
We need to stay inside to flatten the curve!!!

I would like to thank all the people who are still working!! So the rest of could stay home and don’t get crazy working full time remotly.

So what you can do now with all your spare time at home?
1) enjoy time with your family within your household
2) connect with your extended family and friends with all the tools for video chats or texts
3) read books
4) attend virtual classes (hobby or work related)
5) gardening
6) puzzle
7) clean up your vacation pictures and create a photo album
8) sport inside and outside (alone!!!)
9) play video games
10) think about where you want to go on your next vacation 😀

so you see there is a lot to do beside of watching television, netflix and cleaning the house 😉


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